Content Writing for Digital Health & Health Care

With  eight-in-ten people on the internet looking online for health information, providing relevant, reliable, readable health content is more important than ever.

One of the best ways for digital health and health care companies to build their audiences and grow businesses is with marketing content. Corinna Cornejo helps these companies by producing marketing content that tells how their products and services improve the lives of real people.

Unlike other marketing writers, Corinna Cornejo gets beyond the buzzwords and clichés to harness the power of storytelling for engagement. She focuses on telling your story in a compelling manner so that people take action and experience the benefits you offer.


Corinna Cornejo - Content Marketing Writer specializing in digital health and health care
Corinna Cornejo, Content Writer


Corinna Cornejo produces content marketing materials that will build your audiences and grow your business.

Neil Patel has identified 4 Skills to Look for When Hiring a Content Marketer. These are the skills Corinna brings to every project she works on.

1. Able to produce copy that is grammatically sound and engaging

Writing matters.

The copy has to be understandable and interesting. This is especially true when writing for people who have limited health literacy. Otherwise, your audience won’t get your message.

For more than a decade Corinna has written marketing content that’s compelling and speaks directly to the reader. Her clients include health organizations, B2B companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.  Corinna has produced everything from articles and blog posts to press releases and case studies. You can see samples in Corinna’s content marketing portfolio.

2. Possess pro-level research skills

Facts matter.

When writing about digital health and health care it’s important to get the facts right.

Corinna uses her online research skills and understanding of life with chronic illness to insure that the content she writes is scientifically sound and easily understood. Corinna writes for the patient, caregiver, and clinician.

Google is our friend, but so is PubMed, Medilexicon, Medscape, and Healthline.

Pew Research reports that eight-in-ten people on the internet look online for health information. But just 15% consistently check the source of the information they find.

For this reason Corinna supports and applies the HON Code of Conduct for medical and health websites to the sources used.

3. Willing and able to be data-driven

Results matter.

Corinna is always interested in how many people were reached and what action they took. She’s also interested in figuring out what does and doesn’t work.

Analytics and A/B testing are our friends.

To paraphrase Peter Drucker, we can only improve those things that we measure.

4. Applies project management skills to publish consistently

Output matters.

At the beginning of every project Corinna takes the time to understand the scope, timeline, and budget. This keeps the project on track so Corinna produces what’s needed, delivers on time, and doesn’t waste resources.

Bonus: Comfortable dabbling with code and design

Corinna doesn’t claim to be a code wizard or a design pro.

But she’s comfortable with making simple adjustments to the HTML behind a WordPress post or page.

And she’s produced some striking visuals using templates and Photoshop clone software, like these:

Visual for podcast - created by Corinna Cornejo


Visual for podcast - created by Corinna Cornejo


Visual for podcast - created by Corinna Cornejo

What should you do next?

Contact Corinna or drop her a line at corinna.cornejo[at] to see how you can work together to build your audience and grow your business with marketing content.



with over a decade of communications experience in:

• Health,
• Tech, and
• Public policy

corinna cornejo writes These kinds of marketing materials for digital health and health care companies:

• Articles
• Blog posts
• Case studies
• Marketing content
• Press releases
• Re-purposed content
• Social media posts
• Website copy

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